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Cacao Barry

Official Chocolate Partner of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2016

In 1842, Charles Barry travelled to Africa to seek and harvest a selection of cacao beans that would enable him to create his very first connoisseur’s chocolate. Expanding to Latin America, Cacao Barry soon perfected the art of transforming raw natural ingredients into the most refined and delicate cacao and chocolate products.

Fuelled by 170 years of cacao and chocolate expertise, Cacao Barry both innovates and supports chefs' needs. From cacao couverture to exclusive plantations and customized chocolate recipes by Or Noir™, it is our mission to support chefs in their daily challenge to delight customers with unique chocolate flavours and creative pairings in signature dishes. That’s why now and in the future, Cacao Barry will further unlock the full potential of the cacao bean and enable chefs to create with greater freedom.

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