Official Host Country of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2017

One of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, Thailand will have welcomed nearly 30 million international tourists in 2015 thanks to its long-standing geographical advantage as the centre of ASEAN and the region’s hub for connectivity. Thailand offers a wide variety of tourist attractions, ranging from rich history, unique culture, abundant natural beauty and a remarkable variety of activities including soft adventure, spas, golf, shopping and medical tourism, as well as world-famous Thai food. The everyday life of the Thai people can boast a similar mix of culture and traditions that epitomises Thainess and makes the country stand out as offering unique experiences to all visitors who visit Thailand.

Thai food is among the key magnets that draws visitors across the globe to Thailand. Zesty spices, and the interplay of flavours creates a harmonious whole within a meal and dishes like Tom Yum Kung, green curry and Phat Thai now enjoy an international following. Thailand has also become a gourmet’s playground with the best of the world’s cuisines represented. Thai food attracts great chefs to Thailand, where they know they will find great ingredients. The nation’s kitchens and restaurants produce dishes that are traditional and innovative, local and global, but always delicious and everyone is welcome to sample its unique flavours.

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