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Roberta Sudbrack

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

On the pass:

Roberta Sudbrack

Style of food:


Standout dish:

Beetroot ravioli


Av Lineu de Paula Machado, 916 Jardim Botânico, Rio de Janeiro

+55 21 3874-0139

Modern Brazilian bistro from Rio’s favourite female chef

One of Brazil’s most beloved restaurants, Roberta Sudbrack’s eponymously titled flagship is located near the botanical gardens in Rio’s upscale Zona Sul area. While not exactly cheap, the restaurant is made more accessible via a tiered pricing structure that allows in-the-know locals to score considerable discounts on quieter nights of the week, lending the eatery an appealing neighbourhood vibe.

Perhaps it was Sudbrack’s seven-year stint cooking at Brazil’s presidential palace that inspired her to bring good food to the masses. Opened in 2008, the restaurant has an inviting bistro feel, with pale walls, burgundy carpeting and designer wooden tables and chairs.

The eight-course tasting menu changes each and every day according to what’s available in Zona Sul’s excellent food markets. The cooking style is contemporary but relatively simple: delicately constructed plates of perfectly cooked ingredients with little embellishment. Sudbrack’s most vaunted dishes include house-smoked okra ‘caviar’ paired with lightly cooked shrimps and dourado fish with tart green corn compote.

Located in an airy and sensitively renovated two-story house, the low-key dining room plays host to the city’s svelte fashionistas, but few can resist Sudbrack’s outstanding dessert offering, which revolves around Brazilian fruits. Her famous banana ice is somewhere between a sorbet and an ice cream, made only with fruit at the very peak of its ripeness. The chef’s determination to sniff out the very best local ingredients and treat them simply and respectfully make dining at Roberta Sudbrack one of the best experiences in Rio, despite its patently low-key approach.

[Photo Credit: Renato Neto]

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