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Buenos Aires, Argentina

On the pass:

Germán Martitegui

Style of food:

Eclectic international

Standout dish:

Ricotta gnocchi, trulada cream, sweetbread crocantes, apricot purée


Costa Rica 5852, Buenos Aires

+54 11 5291 3333

Experience ad hoc cooking at this cult establishment

Tegui, loosely named after head chef Germán Martitegui, has become one of Buenos Aires’ cult restaurants, a reputation it has itself helped foster thanks to the graffiti-surrounded door that is its entrance. Once inside, the rather gritty first impression evaporates with a plush bar complete with comfy sofas and a view of the impressive kitchen easing you gently into what will be an unforgettable experience.

The playing with perceptions continues once again at the table, however, with Martitegui continually changing his style of cooking in order to create an air of mystery about his establishment. One week his menu could resemble that of a European restaurant, the next it could take on a more diner-like feel, depending on which ingredients the chef has been seduced by. It’s an approach that not only keeps the kitchen – and indeed the diner – on its toes but ensures the cooking is as fresh and inventive as the day the restaurant opened its doors.

Presuming you catch Martitegui in one of his more European frames of mind, diners can expect carefully created dishes that are just as concerned with texture and aroma as taste, such as burrata with strawberries, basil, balsamic vinegar and pistachios; king crab in coconut cream and mango and low-temperature cooked osso bucco and caramelized apples. Wine is an important part of the offer and each dish comes with a by-the-glass suggestion.

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