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Buenos Aires, Argentina

On the pass:

Soledad Nardelli

Style of food:

Argentinian cuisine

Standout dish:

Antarctic toothfish with red peppers, garlic and Buenos Aires cheddar


1160 Alicia Moreau de Justo, Buenos Aires

+54 11 4343 6067

Unmistakable Argentine flavours
served with an inventive flourish

With a menu spanning duck, chateaubriand, quail and rabbit, Chila is a carnivore’s dream. Despite its apparently Chilean name, it is actually the creation of Buenos Aires-based chef Soledad Nardelli, who has been serving authentic Argentine food and an outstanding selection of South American wines to discerning diners since the restaurant’s opening in 2006.

With her partner and co-patron Andres Porcel, Chef Nardelli regularly tours Argentina to source new ideas for her cuisine, and while she places strong emphasis on big, traditional flavours – think perfectly roasted meats, pungent spice and herb mixes and deeply flavoured broth – the menu changes frequently to allow her to introduce seasonal ingredients and novel dishes.

Located in the city’s upmarket riverside district of Puerta Madera, Chila is set in an impressive modern space, complete with large, open kitchen serving dependably good food with creativity, passion and skill.

[Photo Credit: Manuel Fernandez Vidal]

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