La Yeon

Seoul, South Korea

On the pass:

Chef Sung-Il Kim

Pastry chef:

Style of food:

Korean haute cuisine

Standout dish:



Hotel Shilla, 249 Dongho-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul 100-856

+82 2 2230 3367

Korean haute cuisine with a stunning view

Chief reason to visit: While keeping true to Hansik traditions, La Yeon interprets Korean cuisine with great care and sophistication. The restaurant offers graceful service, ingredients of the highest quality and perfect culinary expertise to give diners a true experience of Korean cuisine.

Typical dishes: Favourites at La Yeon include the seafood Naengchae, where different seasonal ingredients are used and Korean gochujang flavours are applied with sophistication; plus top-notch Korean beef dishes such as Galbijjim or short beef ribs braised in soy sauce. Also popular is the royal-cuisine Hot Pot dish, which uses various quality ingredients in beef stock.

What’s the dining space like? La Yeon is located on the top floor of the Seoul Shilla Hotel, offering stunning views of the city. Traditional Korean art and design pieces give an elegant interior accent to the modern dining space, and the serene atmosphere makes for a perfect place to experience the sophistication of Hansik dining.

What’s in the name: La Yeon means celebration in Korean.

Future plans: The restaurant began as a project to educate and promote traditional Korean cuisine and will continue to support quality food and drink from regions across Korea.

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