The Chairman

Hong Kong, China

Contemporary Cantonese featuring fresh Hong Kong ingredients

The Chairman

On the Pass

Kwok Keung Tung

The location: Hunting down this two-storey restaurant tucked in the corner of Kau U Fong on the undulating laneway of Central is a feat but let’s just say diners will be richly rewarded.

What to order: The perennial favourite among foodies is chef Kwok Keung Tung’s steamed flowery crab in aged Shaoxing wine and chicken oil with flat rice noodles.

Their ethos: The Chairman does more than pay lip service to its locavore intention. Its chickens and pigs are sourced locally from New Territories, the seafood is purchased from local fishermen who brave the South China Sea for their daily catch of live shrimps and fish; the restaurant even owns a small organic farm in Sheung Shui where they plant vegetables that, in future, will cater to a portion of the restaurant’s needs.

The owner: Danny Yip is a low-profile food cognoscenti who much prefers to let the restaurant and its cuisine do the talking. He used to own restaurants in Canberra, Australia, before he returned to Hong Kong to open The Chairman in 2009.


18 Kau U Fong, Central, Hong Kong

+852 2555 2202 Visit The Chairman's Website