Finding familiarity within unfamiliarity


On the Pass

Ivan Brehm

Who's the chef? As part owner and chef of Nouri, Ivan Brehm boasts an impressive CV, having worked at some of the top restaurants in the world, perhaps most notably as a development chef in the experimental kitchen of The Fat Duck for four years. Nouri opened its doors in 2017, winning a Michelin star in its first year.

Behind the name: Nouri refers to the word nourish, a reference to the food served at the restaurant nourishing the diners; but Brehm also hopes that the name will also inspire people to be kind to others.

What's the food like? Brehm creates what he calls 'crossroads cuisine' – an exploration of ingredients and cultures from different regions converging at the intersection that is Nouri. Expect to find dishes like an Afro-Brazilian fritter, a dish that will taste familiar to anyone who has lived in South-East Asia, because it shares many common regional aromatics like turmeric, lemongrass and coconut milk. Whichever cuisine Chef Brehm chooses to channel through a particular dish, there’ll always be a resonating sense of familiarity within the unfamiliar.

About the décor: The minimalist, chic dining room is adorned with an open kitchen. There are no tablecloths here – the vibe is relaxed, even while the food is refined. Chefs often double up as servers, with Brehm embracing the open-kitchen concept to interact directly with customers, as he feels it puts the 'human touch' back into the food.

What on the menu? Brehm’s diverse heritage comprises Italian, German, Brazilian and Spanish. He credits his mixed background with the ability to view different cultures with more acceptance, even those not of his own. Diners might find an Italian risotto flavoured with Japanese yuzu kosho, or a local snapper served with French rouille in the eclectic tasting menu.

Images: Robin Thang


72 Amoy Street, Singapore 069891

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