Taipei, Taiwan

Talented chef duo reinterpret Taiwanese cuisine in an art-inspired setting


On the Pass

André Chiang (pictured) with head chef Alain Huang

What makes it special: Chef André Chiang wowed diners for eight years at Restaurant André in Singapore before closing it in February 2018, so it was only a matter of time before he brought his talent back to his birth country, Taiwan. Since its opening in late 2014, Raw has become one of the hottest spots in Taipei, with striking interior design and an innovative menu.

About the chefs: Chiang has entrusted the Raw kitchen to Alain Huang, who holds a dual degree in both western culinary arts and baking technology. Born and raised in Taiwan, he has also worked at Yanniko Alleno’s S.T.A.Y restaurant and Jonas Lundgren’s Restaurant Jonas. He is dedicated to executing ideas centred around Taiwanese flavour.

The interior: Passers-by can’t miss the striking dining room, seen through floor-to-ceiling glass windows, with its enormous, undulating wooden sculpture assembled from blocks of Taiwanese pine. The theme continues with stone features and dramatic flower displays, making the space just as impactful as the food.

What to eat: All of Raw’s dishes are based on a few simple ingredients and incorporates some interesting pairings where East meets West. Gravlax with Asian herbs works beautifully, as does a take on oxtail broth with Taiwanese cep.