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Lima, Peru

Updated Amazonian jungle fare from Peru’s booming food scene

Amaz head chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino may have learned his craft abroad but this menu is pure Peruvian pizzazz. With extensive knowledge of the Amazonian region and a tireless approach to fresh, traditional forest ingredients, the US-Italian chef adds wild jungle touches to classic Latin American dishes such as ceviche, tacacho (fried mashed green bananas) and cecina (dried pork).

Peru has joined its Latin American neighbours in the continent’s unprecedented culinary awakening, earning itself recommendations as much for restaurants as for ruins. And with Schiaffino at the pass since its opening in mid-2013, Amaz’s originality has only advanced the trend further.

Schiaffino himself is no stranger to success, having masterminded the equally impressive Lima offering Malabar, through which he built a reputation for innovative, jungle-sourced food that even locals find surprising.

Yet while Malabar remains higher-end, this second 120-cover restaurant pitches such hearty gems as chorizo oil-drizzled snails, lime and raw fish, and garlic Amazon peppers for around £30 a head. Drinks are not forgotten either, with the cocktail menu also featuring rare and unfamiliar fruits from the Amazonian larder. At once colourful, intriguing and democratic , Amaz wholeheartedly celebrates its food’s rainforest roots.

On the pass

  • Pedro Miguel Schiaffino

Style of food

  • Modern Peruvian

Standout dish

  • Chorizo oil-drizzled snails