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New York, USA

Young chefs put the new into New York

What's the lowdown? Opened in 2014 by two ambitious cooks, Jeremiah Stone and Fabian Von Hauske, Contra's mission is to deliver a distinct New York cuisine, inspired by the city's diverse food cultures and taken in experimental new directions.

What should I order? Most decisions are taken out of your hands thanks to a single $67 multi-course menu, although it's worth ordering the bread and cheese plate supplements. Dishes change and evolve constantly, but recent highlights include tender pieces of chicken doused in a savoury ham broth with zingy chickpea pesto or a tranche of charred mackerel with fava beans and fennel sauce.

A few words on the chefs: Stone, who previously worked at Rino in Paris and Isa in New York, handles the savoury side, while former Jean-Georges pastry chef Von Hauske takes care of desserts and bread. The pair opened the no-reservations natural and organic wine bar Wildair on the same street in 2015.

The room: A tunnel of bare brick walls and concrete floor, the long and narrow dining room is populated with hand-hewn oak tables, a long wooden bar and turquoise benches. 

Did you know? The restaurant is named after a hardcore punk band.  

Images: courtesy of Contra

On the pass

  • Jeremiah Stone (right) and Fabian von Hauske (left)

Style of food

  • Modern American

Standout dish

  • Razor clams, tripe, almond and clam sauce, ramp (wild onion) oil, dandelion