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Corner House


Clever botanical cooking with beautiful garden views

Housed in a black and white bungalow in Singapore's Botanic Gardens, Corner House draws inspiration from its fertile surroundings with a menu that venerates the plant kingdom. Chef and co-owner Jason Tan describes his playful, contemporary cooking style as 'gastro botanica' with fruit, vegetables and herbs given just as much prominence on the plate as fish and meat. Take a dish of Carabinero prawns with tomato variation: the lobster-like shellfish are sweet and succulent, but it's the interplay of flavours and textures between marinated cherry tomatoes, a marshmallow-like tomato 'cloud' and a tomato sorbet that really gets the pulse racing.

Tan's cooking is grounded in French technique, honed in restaurants such as Le Saint Julien in Singapore and Robuchon a Galera in China, but the chef also has an acquisitive streak, borrowing flavours from around the world. Beetroot Collection, for example, combines red, golden and chioggia beetroots with Japanese omi beef, while 'cocoa pebbles' made with chocolate mousse is a signature dessert, served with chocolate soil and pickled shimeji mushrooms.

The two-storey house, which dates back to 1910, was once home to leading botanist EJH Corner and has been sympathetically updated with the ground floor featuring a stuccoed porch, marble bar and deep lounge seats. Upstairs the dining room is flanked by two verandas with leafy views across the gardens.

Images: Corner House, John Heng

On the pass

  • Jason Tan

Style of food

  • Modern French

Standout dish

  • Carabinero prawns with tomato variation