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Toronto, Canada

Talented couple celebrate the joy of food

Chief reason to visit: The simple pleasures of really good food and hospitality are at the heart of Tobey Nemeth and Michael Caballo's tiny Toronto restaurant. Gutsy flavours, generous portions and outstanding ingredients are combined in dishes that are rooted in Southern Europe.

Typical dishes: Seafood, vegetables, and wild mushrooms are the cornerstones of the two set-choice menus of five to seven courses. Charcoal-grilled clams are served with artichokes, jamón and ajo blanco, followed by a pretty dish of bass with porcini mushrooms and Brussels sprouts leaves. The eight-course truffle menu and a superb Canadian and Spanish cheese board are further reasons to visit.

The room: Tobey Nemeth (a talented chef in her own right) oversees the minuscule dining room with warmth and graciousness, seating guests at bentwood chairs and simple marble tables.

How to get a table: The restaurant accepts reservations one month in advance for parties of one to five people. The largest table in the restaurant only seats six and must be reserved by phone.

What's in the name? Edulis means 'edible' in Latin. It is also part of the Latin name for Caballo's favourite porcini mushroom: 'boletus edulis'.

Images: Jim Norton Photography (profile and BC herrings); Edulis Restaurant (all other dishes)

On the pass

  • Michael Caballo

Style of food

  • Spanish-Canadian

Standout dish

  • Wild striped bass with porcini mushrooms