Room 09

Santiago, Chile

Sitting above renowned Latin America’s 50 Best entry Restaurante 040, Room 09 is a rooftop speakeasy where bartender Agusitn García shakes up some of the best cocktails in town. Getting in, as ever with a speakeasy, isn’t smooth sailing however, and guests need to be a member or have eaten downstairs first. Ascending to the rooftop takes place in a real Prohibition-era lift, imported from Chicago, and once you’re up you’ll be greeted with an industrial-chic space with vintage furniture, plenty of quirky seating nooks and an intimate, buzzy vibe. The cocktails live up to the hype with imaginative serves and fresh flavours ensuring membership here is a prize worth attaining.

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Antonia López de Bello 40, Bellavista, Santiago, 7500000

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