Le Suquet (Michel Bras)

Laguiole, France

A futuristic glasshouse in the rolling hills of the Midi-Pyrénées, serving exquisite haute cuisine in stunning surroundings. Michel Bras invented the molten chocolate pudding, as well as the trickier-to-master gargouillou, a sophisticated assemblage of vegetables, herbs, leaves and flowers that might have 60 or 80 ingredients on any given day. Michel’s son Sébastien and his wife Véronique are now at the helm at Le Suquet, the full name of the family’s hotel and restaurant near Laguiole (where the knives are made), a setting so secluded you almost have to stay the night.

Key Information


Route de l’aubrac, Laguiole, 12210 Laguiole

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