Paris, France

Asian-leaning five and seven-course tasting menus come paired with craft cocktails at concept restaurant Dersou, whose creaking floorboards and unfinished walls belie chef Taku Sekine’s technical and artistic brilliance. A Japanese political science and economics graduate who always wanted to cook, Sekine worked his way up to a position in Beige, Alain Ducasse’s Tokyo outpost, before opening Dersou in 2014. For each surprise course, Amaury Guyot (co-founder of Sherry Butt, which has starred in the World’s 50 Best Bars list) has hit on the perfect libation: raw bonito in gazpacho arrives with a gin-bergamot-hazelnut pour, and oysters in vinegar pair with a sake-based blend, sprinkled with poppy seeds.

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21 Rue Saint Nicolas, 11th arrondissement, Paris, 75012 Paris