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Café Pushkin

Moscow, Russia

You’d be forgiven for thinking you’d stumbled into the home of Russian aristocracy upon slipping through the door of this Moscow institution. Opened in 1999 by artist Andrei Dellos, the upscale Franco-Russian den is a favourite among the city’s glitterati. Steeped in legend and sprawling three floors, four romantic dining rooms are saturated with antiques and glamorous baroque touches. Chef Andrei Makhov creates flawless dishes inspired by history and adapted for modern times. Think blinchiki (pancakes) with black caviar, the best pirozhki (small pies) in town, borscht and pelmeni (dumplings), roasted foie gras with hazelnut and honey sauce, and some 20-odd sumptuous desserts. Excellent vodka selection, too.

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Tverskoy Boulevard 26А, Pushkinskaya, Moscow, 125009

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