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Fogo Island Inn

Newfoundland, Canada

Fine dining at one of the four corners of the world

In a nutshell: Part of an architecturally stunning building on the windswept island of Fogo, this beautiful restaurant makes the most of its wild surrounds with stunning views and a terroir-driven menu.

The food: Wild game, just-landed seafood, foraged berries and even salt from the surrounding Atlantic characterise the constantly evolving menu. There's also plenty of invention in bone marrow custard with raspberries, apricot, yarrow and oats or a combination of Greenland halibut, chickweed and onion fritter.

The place: Fogo Island Inn is a remarkable and radical piece of architecture. The building is supported by stilts above the rocky coast with gasp-inducing views of the North Atlantic from the vast windows in the dining room. Expect to see whales, icebergs and dramatic storms.

Behind the stove: The kitchen is run by a collective of chefs, led by Timothy Charles, who was raised in a small fishing village and travelled the world working on tall ships.

What else? The inn is also home to a cinema, library, art gallery, sauna, hot tubs and 'gathering space' for the local community.

Did you know? The Flat Earth Society considers Fogo Island to be one of the four corners of the globe.

Images: interior by Alex Fradkin; dishes by Nicole Wolf

On the pass

  • Timothy Charles

Style of food

  • Terroir-driven fine dining

Standout dish

  • Bone marrow custard, raspberries, apricot, yarrow and oats