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Charleston, South Carolina

Locavore chefs reinvent Southern cuisine

Located in historic downtown Charleston, Husk reinterprets the food of the South, combining forgotten ingredients and recipes with a modern approach. Described as “new Southern cuisine”, the concept is based on painstaking research by superstar executive chef Sean Brock and chef de cuisine Travis Grimes into the region's food history and provenance.

The restaurant is uncompromising in its commitment to local and seasonal sourcing, working with farms to revive heirloom grains and vegetables that were at risk of extinction and supporting rare breed meat producers. The menu changes daily, depending on what the kitchen receives, but could include devilled eggs with pickled okra and trout roe or crispy pork collar paired with cornbread purée and greasy beans. Wood-fire cooking is a hallmark of the restaurant, with two smokers, a pit-and-spit barbecue and a wood burning stove.

Housed in a beautiful Victorian mansion, the main dining room retains its vintage charm but has been stripped back to reveal reclaimed wooden floors, bare brick and original windows, while chefs chat with diners and bring dishes to their tables from the bustling open kitchen. There's plenty of Southern hospitality and classic cocktails on offer in the adjacent two-storey bar, which overlooks the building's street-front verandas.

Images: ©Husk

On the pass

  • Executive chef Sean Brock (pictured) and chef de cuisine Travis Grimes

Style of food

  • Hyper local, new Southern cuisine

Standout dish

  • Skillet-roasted chicken with farro and herb pistou