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Los Angeles, USA

Celebrity chef takes novel approach to seasonal ingredients

What's the story? Australian chef Curtis Stone is a familiar face on US TV, appearing in shows such as Top Chef Masters and Celebrity Apprentice. He opened his first restaurant in 2014, winning critical acclaim for its contemporary cooking and novel approach to seasonal ingredients.

Menu concept: The restaurant chooses one seasonal ingredient and showcases it in every dish on the 10-course menu for the entire month. Parsnips, peas, morels and truffles have all had their time in the sun, used either as the star of the plate or in a supporting role. So far, more than 1,000 unique dishes have been created, from a salad of root vegetables with Parmesan and whipped custard to fenugreek ice cream.

The room: There's a welcoming brasserie feel, thanks to teal-coloured leather banquettes, dark wood tables and antique bric-a-brac.

About the chef: Stone did his apprenticeship at the Savoy Hotel in Melbourne before heading to London to work under Marco Pierre White, rising to head chef at Quo Vadis. His media career took off soon after, leading to a move to the US.

What's in a name? Maude was christened in honour of Curtis' late grandmother, who helped inspire him to cook.

Images: Quentin Bacon

On the pass

  • Owner Curtis Stone (left) and executive chef Justin Hilbert (right)

Style of food

  • Modern seasonal European

Standout dish

  • Salad of root vegetable with Parmesan and whipped custard