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Adelaide, Australia

Scottish chef pays homage to Australian food culture

The lowdown: He was born in Scotland and has Italian roots, but chef Jock Zonfrillo's spiritual home is Australia. His Adelaide restaurant houses a lively ground floor bar and street food joint, but it is the intimate dining room of Orana upstairs where he gives full expression to his love of Australia's unique ingredients and aboriginal food culture.

On the menu: The tasting menu changes with the seasons, but stand-outs could include emu with wild plum and mountain pepper or saltbush (a native shrub) with black garlic and buffalo curd. Set buttermilk with strawberry and eucalyptus makes for a creamy finish.

Chef’s background: Zonfrillo was in the kitchen when Restaurant Marco Pierre White won a third Michelin star, but a sabbatical in Sydney proved to be a turning point. He moved to Australia in 2000 working at Restaurant 41 and the Magill Estate Restaurant in Adelaide, before opening on his own in 2013.

What's in the name? Orana means 'welcome' in some aboriginal languages.

What else? Zonfrillo presented a TV series called Nomad Chef, which saw him travel the world to explore remote culinary traditions.

Images: Matthew Turner

On the pass

  • Jock Zonfrillo

Style of food

  • Contemporary Australian

Standout dish

  • Charred kangaroo, beetroot, grasses and wild garlic