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Barcelona, Spain

One of the world’s most innovative chefs brings Nikkei cuisine to Barcelona

What makes it stand out: Pakta is the only restaurant in Barcelona to offer Nikkei cuisine, a Peruvian-Japanese mash-up. In the Quechua language of Peru ‘Pakta’ means “union”.

What’s the interior like: This fusion of cultures applies to the design too. The intimate restaurant is modelled on a simple Japanese tavern but Peruvian textiles provide explosive bursts of colour.

Who is the chef: Actually there are two. The kitchen is jointly headed by Peruvian Jorge Muñoz and the Japanese-born Kyoko Ii. The restaurant is owned and overseen by Albert Adrià, the younger brother of Ferran Adrià of El Bulli fame. Albert runs four other restaurants in Barcelona including Tickets, which currently ranks No 42 on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list.

Typical dishes: Pakta offers a lengthy tasting menu. Sushi and ceviche feature heavily, augmented by a range of brilliantly creative dishes that are often served in ingenious ways. A single prawn head comes encased in tempura batter on a smoking bed of pine. Its body is served a few minutes later in a pool of rocoto, a Peruvian hot pepper sauce.

What else: Albert Adrià considers this restaurant to be better than the aforementioned and higher-profile Tickets.

On the pass

  • Jorge Muñoz and Kyoko Ii

Style of food

  • Nikkei

Standout dish

  • Fried causa with chicken and tarragon mayonnaise