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Taipei, Taiwan

Art-inspired restaurant reinterprets Taiwanese cuisine

What makes it special: A restaurant “where food meets art”, Raw opened late in 2014, but has swiftly become the hottest reservation on the island thanks to innovative interior design and dishes that blend Taiwanese ingredients with modern international influences. France's bistronomie movement is also an influence, so while the food is fine dining, the experience is relaxed and prices are sensible.

A trio of chefs: Taiwanese chef André Chiang goes back to his roots with this Taipei venture, teaming up with two young chefs, each with his own role in the concept. Zor Tan is known as ‘the brain’ for his ability to conceive exciting flavour combinations; Restaurant André owner Chiang is ‘the eyes’ for his meticulous analysis and refinement of dishes; and Alain Huang is ‘the hands’, putting the finishing touches.

On the menu: Expect beautifully presented plates full of colour and flavour on the eight-course tasting menu. Stand-outs could include crunchy chicken masala skins topped with cauliflower, couscous and Indian spices or a dainty tomato salad with king fish sashimi, shiso sorbet and rosé champagne vinaigrette.

More about the room: A striking, undulating wooden sculpture assembled from blocks of Taiwanese pine curves from the lounge area and around the dining room. Stone features and dramatic flower displays continue the theme.

On the drinks menu: Raw specialises in biodynamic French wine, plus hand-brewed coffee from local roasters.

Pork ear, kenya bean and leek image: Tasting Kitchen

On the pass

  • Pictured from left: chefs de cuisine André Chiang, Alain Huang and Zor Tan

Style of food

  • Taiwanese ingredients with a modern global twist

Standout dish

  • Chicken masala, cauliflower, couscous