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Reflets par Pierre Gagnaire

Dubai, UAE

Inventive and imaginative fine-dining in elegant surrounds

Showmanship is what Pierre Gagnaire’s restaurants are all about, and Reflets is no exception. The dining room at Gagnaire’s Dubai outpost is opulent and rich with luxurious carpets, elegant damask chairs, bold mirrors and pink chandeliers. But the food of head chef Olivier Biles’ - whose father worked as a chef with Gagnaire in Paris in the ‘80s - upstages the alluring decor every time.

There’s no such thing as a straightforward dish on the ever-evolving menu. Order the Brittany blue lobster and it might arrive on an array of bowls and plates in various forms and states: poached tail with coconut, palm hearts and mangoes over here; a bisque with fromage frais sorbet, Treurer olive oil and crispy vegetables over there.

Each dish offers an expression of an ingredient and its myriad possibilities, as well as a glimpse into Gagnaire’s vivid imagination. His ‘Hommage a Dubai’ applies modern European sensibilities to classic Arabian flavours to create dishes like hummus of duck liver with pine nuts, and tarbais bean puree with dry and braised dates.

With an accomplished front of house team and knowledgeable sommelier, the waterfront restaurant continues to win praise and local awards for its inventive and surprising food.

On the pass

  • Olivier Biles

Style of food

  • Modern French

Standout dish

  • Quercy lamb roasted with oregano and glazed with tamarind juice