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Ristorante Lido 84

Gardone Riviera, Italy

An culinary odyssey around Lake Garda

What makes it so special? The menu at this restaurant overlooking Lake Garda reads like a sonnet to the region, capturing the landscape in dishes created with wonderful local ingredients.

Tell us more: From extra virgin olive oil and lemons to sardines and veal, chef Riccardo Camanini uses innovative cooking methods to bring out all the natural flavour of such local produce. Highlights include pike poached in parsley broth with olives, capers and polenta, or a surreal version of 'cacio e pepe' pasta boiled inside a pig's bladder, which is then theatrically sliced open at the table. 

A few words on the room: It's an intimate and informal space with splashes of Mediterranean yellow and red, but the majestic panorama of Lake Garda is what draws everyone's gaze. 

About the chef: Camanini has worked for some of Europe's leading chefs, including Gualtiero Marchesi, Raymond Blanc and Jean Louis Nomicos in Paris.

Top fact: All chefs at Lido 84 spend at least six weeks working in each part of the kitchen so they have a complete overview of the cooking process.

Images: Francesco Cancarini

On the pass

  • Riccardo Camanini

Style of food

  • Modern Italian

Standout dish

  • Spaghettoni with butter and beer yeast