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Salvo Patria

Bogotá, Colombia

Hipster café culture in the heart of Bogotá

What's it all about? It's a sign of how the Bogotá food scene has developed that as well as a proliferation of high-end restaurants, the city is also seeing the rise of hip, laid-back dining spots that wouldn't look out of place in London or Melbourne. Witness Salvo Patria – a coffee shop, restaurant and bar in the trendy Chapinero Alto neighbourhood that makes the most of Colombia's natural produce.

About the chef: Alejandro Gutiérrez runs the kitchen, creating modern Colombian dishes that are influenced by his experience of working in New York and Lima. Juan Ortiz, who honed his barista skills in Australia, presides over the coffee operation, grinding beans from his country’s microlots and brewing them in everything from espresso machines to syphon filters.

On the menu: There are contemporary versions of traditional dishes, which are packed with flavour. Roasted octopus with chorizo and hogao (a Colombian tomato sauce) could be followed by smoked trout with comforting yuca croquettes and whey. Finish with tomatillo sprinkled with quinoa crumbs and vanilla ice cream

Did you know? Alejandro Gutiérrez trained as a biologist before finding his true culinary calling.

Name game: Salvo Patria is named after a children's hide-and-seek game.

On the pass

  • Alejandro Gutiérrez

Style of food

  • Modern Colombian

Standout dish

  • Roasted octopus with chorizo and hogao