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The Jane

Antwerp, Belgium

Worship at the alter of the food gods

Why go? If food is the new religion, this stunning restaurant in a former chapel takes eating out to its logical conclusion. Head chefs (or should that be high priests?) Sergio Herman and Nick Bril work in an open kitchen where the altar once stood, creating boldly flavoured dishes inspired by global cuisines.

More about the room: The 19th century former military hospital chapel was refurbished by hot-shot Dutch designer Piet Boon and includes a dramatic steel and glass chandelier and contemporary stained glass windows referencing good and evil, food and religion.

What's on the menu? Expect globe-trotting dishes such as scallop, Jerusalem artichoke, truffle and foie gras, scattered with edible flowers; or cauliflower, spelt and kalamansi (similar to kumquat) topped with a golden egg yolk.

Who are the chefs? Sergio Herman is best known for his (now closed) former World’s 50 Best Restaurants regular Oud Sluis, where Nick Bril was his right-hand man.

How to get a table: Guests can only make a reservation three months in advance by booking online.

Bonus point: Staff wear outfits designed for the restaurant by Dutch fashion brand G-Star.

Images: Eric Kleinberg

On the pass

  • Sergio Herman and Nick Bril

Style of food

  • Global eclectic

Standout dish

  • Sea bass with fennel, dill and horseradish snow