Official Beer Supplier of Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants 2016

Cerveza Modelo is proud to celebrate its 90th Anniversary this year along with Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants. Our Premium Mexican beer has conquered palates from around the world thanks to its remarkable quality and exquisite flavour; it’s only natural for Modelo to share the table with the utmost Gastronomy in Latin America.

Since 1925 we’ve been committed to the highest quality ingredients and brewing processes to create Modelo Especial, American pilsner beer, the leader in the premium segment and Negra Modelo, Munich dark beer brewed since 1930, better known as "the cream of beer".

We take pride on our heritage as it inspires us to transform our brewing expertise into innovations that enrich the flavours of life. In 2014 we raised our glasses to the successful addition of Modelo Ambar to the family, the new Vienna style beer, which responds to our quest for new experiences.

There is always a way to redefine what’s known. The Modelo Family beers are a natural fit for food pairing, enhancing and triggering the distinctive taste of each dish, harmonizing flavours to maximize any culinary experience.

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