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About Ruinart Champagne House

The house of Ruinart is unlike any other. It was the first established champagne house in 1729 and inspired by the intuition of a monk ahead of his time “Dom Thierry Ruinart”.

Since its foundation in 1729, the Ruinart Maison has remained very authentic and true to itself, acting with simplicity, all the while being demanding but without excessiveness. This philosophy is clearly affirmed in the wines themselves, which are always in pursuit of excellence and which remain limited in volume

“R” de Ruinart is the original expression of the Ruinart taste

“R” de Ruinart is the epitome of freshness and balance with generous proportions of chardonnay, pinot noir, and meunier.

Visually, its radiance is crystalline with a shimmering yellow colour and golden hues.  The nose is delicate and fruity displaying dominant aromas of fresh white pear and dry fruits such as hazelnuts and almonds, followed by white flower notes, Viennese pastry and buttered brioche.

The palate reveals a dominant freshness, displaying both tactile roundness and enduring length. The origin of the “Ruinart taste” is typified by elegance, refinement, freshness and distinction.

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