Don Julio

Buenos Aires, Argentina

On the pass:

Pepe Sotelo

Pastry chef:

Style of food:

Argentinian steakhouse

Standout dish:

Grilled heart gizzards


Guatemala 4691 (esquina Gurruchaga), Palermo Viejo, Buenos Aires

+54 11 4831 9564

Traditional steakhouse showing diners what the Argentine asado is all about

What makes it stand out: All the beef at Don Julio is from grass-fed Aberdeen Angus and Hereford cattle, raised in the countryside outside Buenos Aires. It is stored in a climate-controlled refrigerator for at least 21 days to reach optimum maturity. Then grillmaster Bienvenido ‘Pepe’ Sotelo cooks all the beef on a traditional “V” iron grill. Match with beautiful Malbec for the full experience.

Typical dishes: While Don Julio serves pretty much every part of the cow, owner Pablo Rivero recommends ordering house cuts like bife de cuadril (rump steak) and entraña (skirt steak). For a starter, opt for the fried beef empanadas and the crispy mollejas (sweetbreads), which are lightly seasoned with just lemon juice and salt.

A brief history: Rivero, the son and grandson of established livestock producers from Rosario, opened the restaurant in 1999 in his early 20s. Now a respected sommelier as well as one of the city’s highest-profile restaurateurs, his restaurant vies for the title of the premier parrilla in BA.

What’s the dining space like? The building dates to the 19th century, with the interior walls lined with empty wine bottles, converting the rustic space into a welcoming wine sanctuary. Diners from around the world leave their personal mark signing the labels of the great Argentine wines with handwritten messages.

Images: Jonathan Epelbaum

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