Buenos Aires, Argentina

On the pass:

Gabriel Oggero

Pastry chef:

Carla Muollo

Style of food:

Modern Argentinian

Standout dish:

Wild oysters from Patagonia


Calle Gorriti 5143, 1414 Buenos Aires

+54 11 4831-4979

The product of a decade of exploring Argentina’s vast lands in search for farmers and ingredients

Chief reason to visit: A pioneer in the modern Argentine cuisine movement, Crizia was one of the first restaurants to go on a quest in search for the country’s best ingredients and local farmers. From oysters and shrimp in the Atlantic coast to trout and lamb in Patagonia and colourful potatoes and indigenous herbs on the Bolivian border, at Crizia, guests are able to taste Argentina on a plate.

A few words on the chef: Chef and owner Gabriel Oggero was destined to cook. He began working in the kitchen of his family’s catering company El Ciervo de Oro at just 10 years old. When he turned 18, he decided to cook professionally. From there, he travelled the world, across Europe and Asia, to hone his craft. In 2004, he opened Crizia with his wife Geraldine.

Typical dishes: Wild oysters from Patagonia baked in a wood oven with fresh herbs; raw Patagonian oysters with a cucumber, gin and tonic granita; grilled artichokes from La Plata; organic rice and shrimp from Chubut; Santa Cruz lamb, quinoa and Andean potatoes; bone-in steak, confit onions, tomatoes and chimichurri sauce.

Other ventures: Oggero is a member of ACELGA, an association made up of chefs and restaurateurs who promote Argentine gastronomy locally and abroad.

What else? Crizia boasts the best oyster bar in Buenos Aires. At Masticar, Argentina’s premier food festival, the restaurant sold more than 15,000 oysters.

Images: Patricio Sila and Giovana Marchetti

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