La Bourgogne

Punta del Este, Uruguay

On the pass:

Aurelien Bondoux (pictured with Jean-Paul Bondoux)

Pastry chef:

Style of food:

Classical French

Standout dish:

Pradera lamb with fresh garlic


Pedragosa Sierra y Av del Mar, Punta del Este

+598 4248 2007

Jean-Paul Bondoux draws from French classics while delving into Uruguay’s larder

Chief reason to visit: Chef Jean-Paul Bondoux’s authentic French classics take inspiration from his native Bourgogne, while sourcing ingredients from his organic garden.

Typical dishes: Escargots de Bourgogne au beurre d’ail (Bourgogne-style snails with garlic butter); Ccarré d’agneau au jus d'herbes fraiches (rack of lamb with a fresh herb sauce).

What’s the setting? An elegant fine dining restaurant set within a pine forest and surrounded by the sumptuous kitchen garden, this is a destination for the moneyed elite who frequent Punta del Este.

Future plans: With son Aurelien and daughter Amandine working alongside him in the kitchen, Bondoux ultimately aims to step back from the restaurant to open a spiritual retreat in Aiguá, where he already has property.

Before it all began: Before heading to South America more than three decades ago, Bondoux owned three restaurants in his motherland.

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