Remanso do Bosque

Belém, Brazil

On the pass:

Thiago Castanho (pictured left, with brother Felipe)

Pastry chef:

Style of food:

Traditional and contemporary Amazonian cuisine

Standout dish:

Grilled filhote fish with manteiguinha bean salad and cassava in butter


Av. Romulo Maiorana, 2350 Esquina Com Perebuí, Marco, Belém

+55 91 3347 2829

Original Amazonian flavours and techniques, evoking native Brazilian roots with a modern perspective

What makes it stand out: Located in Belém in the Amazonian north of Brazil, the restaurant faces a National Park that is part of the rainforest. Chef Thiago Castanho’s cuisine is a celebration of Brazil's ‘cuisine of origins’ and is one of the few restaurants in the country using only local produce.

A brief history: Castanho began helping his father in the kitchen at the age of 12. They turned their family living room into a neighbourhood restaurant, Remanso do Peixe. Following that success, the family opened Remanso de Bosque in 2011, celebrating the area’s culinary traditions, but with much product research and new techniques.

Typical dishes: Chargrilled filhote fish with santarém bean salad and cassava; Pará-style moqueca stew; bacuri fruit with hibiscus tapioca pearls and rose apples.

What’s the dining space like? Casual and spacious with two dining areas on the ground floor and an events area upstairs. The restaurant also acts as a gallery for local artists.

What else? Thiago’s brother, Felipe, used to be a chef but is now a trained sommelier and is also taking over the administration of the family business, which includes diversification into artisan beer and food products.

Images: Octavio Cardoso

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