El Espíritu de América Latina

El Espíritu de América Latina

A new collection of local restaurants that embody ‘El Espíritu de América Latina’

In 2020, the 50 Best organisation aims to recognise and support restaurants of all types and at all levels across Latin America that represent their communities and regions. El Espíritu de América Latina is born as a result.

In one of the most challenging periods for the sector, this unranked collection celebrates establishments that have had a positive impact on local culture and cuisines, whether during the recent crisis or over a sustained period of time.

Presented in association with 50 Best’s main partner, S.Pellegrino & Acqua Panna, El Espíritu de América Latina spans 42 cities across 17 countries, covering more than 9,000 km from Monterrey in the north of Mexico to Puerto Natales in the south of Chile. The selection reflects the region’s diversity, rich culinary traditions and ancestral cuisines, celebrating the broad range of restaurants that embody the true spirit of Latin American hospitality. This selection, with no ranking or hierarchy, will sit alongside the eighth edition of the Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants list, which is revealed on 3rd December.

El Espíritu de América Latina reflects a wide range of establishments from traditional, long-standing culinary institutions that are a centerpiece of society, like Chifa Titi in Lima, Peru and El Jarocho in Mexico City, Mexico, to pioneering restaurants that are rediscovering and elevating indigenous cuisines, such as Sikwa in San José, Costa Rica and Pakuri in Asunción, Paraguay. Other featured establishments have set up emergency operations to feed their communities during the coronavirus pandemic, such as Café San Juan in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Mãos de Maria in São Paulo, Brazil. These are restaurants that sit at the heart of their communities, helping to nourish diners, bring people together and foster a sense of solidarity and togetherness during such turbulent times.

In the spirit of collaboration, the collection was created based on the recommendations from the chefs of Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants 2020, the Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants Academy Chairs, and trusted gourmets in the region. El Espíritu de América Latina is arranged by country and celebrates each restaurant – and what is symbolises for its region – equally.

Discover the full collection in the article here and watch a video showcasing El Espíritu de América Latina below: