Restaurante 040

Santiago, Chile

Top-end tapas bringing a molecular taste of Spain to Santiago

Restaurante 040

On the Pass

Sergio Barroso

Pastry Chef

Matías Briones

Chief reason to visit: There is no other dining experience in Santiago quite like 040, which applies a high level of technical skill to Chile’s rich native ingredients. Its well-hidden location on the lower level of the fashionable Tinto Boutique Hotel in bohemian Bellavista neighbourhood adds to the intrigue of this 40-seat restaurant.

A few words on the chef: Spanish native Sergio Barroso came to Chile in 2012 after working at prestigious European restaurants such as El Bulli and Denis Martin in Switzerland. His avant-garde techniques, inspired by his time with the Adrià brothers, show both innovation and whimsy. Barroso moved to Chile to open Alegre in Santiago, and stayed because of the superior local ingredients.

Typical dishes: Highlights include the egg filled with a sous vide egg yolk, rich broth and bacon foam served inside its shell on a bed of hay; sea urchin from the Chilean coast, fried chicken skin and frothy coconut milk; pan con tomate, toasted brioche, tomatoes, bone-in and fried silverside fish.

What else? After a meal, diners should ask to see Room Number 9. From there, they will be escorted to a Prohibition-era speakeasy cocktail bar on the rooftop located behind a secret door. The bar, known for pouring some of the best drinks in Santiago, is reserved for members and diners only.


Antonia López de Bello 040, Providencia, Santiago

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