Buenos Aires, Argentina

A feast of flavours in a corner of Palermo


On the Pass

Leandro Bouzada (right) and Joannes Frkovich

Why visit: The brainchild of the late Ciro Watanabe, Osaka has been an emblem of Nikkei cuisine in Buenos Aires since 2005. Its excellence in the search for flavours and techniques makes it a unique destination for lovers of this explosive Peruvian-Japanese style.

The atmosphere: The space invites you to relax and enjoy the atmosphere with romantic Japanese-style decoration. In addition to the dining room, spread across two floors, it features a terrace with a few cosy tables, plus some extra open-air spaces on the pavement outside.

About the chef: Leandro Bouzada, a new incorporation to the restaurant since January 2020, has extensive experience to implement new techniques and continue to ensure the quality of every product, which marks the excellence of Osaka.

Must-have dishes: In addition to the usual classics, such as ceviche and tiraditos, you cannot leave without trying the crispy quinoa roll, rice nigiris and katsu. Going up the heat scale, you’ll find grapefruit shrimp and niku bao, a crispy steamed bread served with braised short ribs. As a main course, try the grilled loin with miso purée, balsamic sauce and white truffle oil.

The drinks: There are wines, beers and cocktails, but pisco is the perfect pairing – don’t miss the passion fruit version.

Worth mentioning: The attention and care of the front-of-house team facilitate an experience focused on the enjoyment of all senses.