Narda Comedor

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Veg-forward food by Argentina’s healthy eating advocate Narda Lepes

Narda Comedor

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Narda Lepes (pictured) with Martin Sclippa

Pastry Chef

Johana Romero

The ethos: Narda Comedor is built around a few simple concepts: eat seasonal, eat vegetables, drink water, try new things and eat well. With the opening of the restaurant in Buenos Aires in 2017, chef Narda Lepes wanted to show her compatriots what a healthy diet looks like, while proving that it can delight the palate and still offer nutritionally balanced mouthfuls.

Narda Lepes: A household name in Argentina, Lepes started her career in Paris, where she led two Japanese-inspired restaurants. A TV producer as well as a chef, she has been a judge on MasterChef Argentina and has travelled the world producing cooking programmes. She is also a published author with three books under her belt, most recently Ñam Ñam, a guide to teach children how to eat healthier.

The food: The chef’s dishes give prominence to vegetables, with products like cauliflower, onion and legumes taking centre stage, often accompanied by meat or other proteins to add extra flavour. One of Lepes’s signature dishes features an onion with 72-hour reduced beef broth, a juicy and flavoursome creation that is also easy on the stomach. Other highlights include chicory with herbs cream and egg, and cabbage with cauliflower purée and blood sausage.

Bonus points: Lepes likes to know where her produce comes from and vets her meat and vegetable providers to ensure they have sustainable and healthy practices in place. In a bid to be a more inclusive employer, Narda Comedor hires and trains women over 60 years old to work front of house for lunch service.


Mariscal Antonio José de Sucre 664, Buenos Aires

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