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Barcelona, Spain


Albert Adrià channels Willy Wonka’s whimsy in his tapas fun house

What's it all about? There’s no other tapas bar in the world quite like Tickets. In standard Adrià fashion, the eccentric 90-seat restaurant is converted into a culinary amusement park that takes tapas to the cutting edge. Five small-plates bars and open kitchens surround the perimeter of the restaurant, each specialising in different preparation methods.

What’s the vibe? A playful atmosphere meets seriously imaginative tapas bites. The entrance resembles an old-school circus ticket booth, with the sign of the restaurant’s name brightly shining as guests walk inside. The dessert area is like a modern day Candyland with giant berries hanging from the ceiling and pastry chefs constructing incredible sweet creations in front of diners.

Typical dishes: The infamous liquid olive returns. Olive juice from perfectly handpicked olives is transferred into a solid olive through a spherification process with calcium chloride, alginate, and xanthan gum. Other dishes include a world tour of oysters and mollete papada. Think traditional tapas dishes deconstructed with an imaginative lens.

Other ventures: Tickets joins the culinary experiences of Albert and Ferran Adrià’s elBarri, a group of six restaurants that take over an entire neighborhood. Albert also hosted 50 Days of Albert Adriá at London’s Café Royal in 2016, a pop-up that proved so popular he had to extend it to 60 days.

Worth noting: In 2015, Albert Adrià was voted The World's Best Pastry Chef, sponsored by Cacao Barry.


On the pass

  • Albert Adrià (pictured) with Fran Agudo

Pastry chef

  • Enric Monzonis

Style of food

  • Contemporary tapas

Standout dish

  • Basil air waffle with Scamorza cheese