An insider foodie guide to Buenos Aires by the chefs of Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants

Raquel Rosemberg - 14/04/2015

Even the world's best chefs fancy a low-key sandwich or a regular pizza sometimes. In the final installment of our five-part series on Buenos Aires gastronomy, we asked the chefs and restaurateurs from Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants 2014 for their insider tips.

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German Martitegui, Tegui, No.9 in Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants 2014

Best bar? “When I'm in the downtown area, near my home, there’s no question: I take friends to Floreria Atlantico (Arroyo 872, +54-11-4313-6093)."

Best barbecue or choripán? “For barbecue, El Pobre Luis (Arribeños 2393, +54-11-4780-5847) is my favourite. For choripán, the place to go is one of the food trucks in the forests of Palermo, near the Planetarium.”

Best pizza? “For a traditional porteño-style pizza, I go to El Cuartito (Talcahuano 937, +54-11-4816-1758). But for a "vera" Neapolitan pizza, those kind of delicious pizzas made to be eaten by one person, I walk just a few metres away from Tegui (on the same block) to Siamo nel Forno (Costa Rica 5886, +54-11-4775-0337)."

Best for sandwiches? “I like the pastrami sandwiches made by a married couple at a small, charming place called La Crespo (Thames 612, +54-11-4856-9770)."

Best restaurant for your favourite dish? “There’s a traditional dish called “Suprema Maryland”. It’s kind of particular to Buenos Aires, made with chicken, banana, corn, ham ... everything. I eat it at Munich in La Recoleta (Pres. Roberto M. Ortiz 1871, +54-11-4804-3981)."

Best ice cream spot? “Without a doubt, the bitter chocolate flavour at Volta (Av del Libertador 3060)."

Gonzalo Aramburu, Aramburu, No. 14

Best bar? “I like to go to a bar in San Telmo, called GueBara (Humberto Primo 463, +54-11-5751-5550).”

Best barbecue or choripán? “I don’t often fancy barbecue but, when I do, Gran Parrilla del Plata is the place to go (Chile 594, +54-11-4300-8858). I also like Don Julio (Guatemala 4699, +54-11-4832-6058). For choripán, I like the ones I make at home, when I barbecue.”

Best pizza? “Over the counter: a mozzarella slice at Guerrin (Av. Corrientes 1368, +54-11-4371-8141).”

Best for sandwiches? “My perfect sandwich is one I make myself. It has tenderloin, blue cheese, bacon and onion. If I have to eat somewhere else, I like the turkey breast mini sandwiches at the classic Florida Garden (Florida 899, +54-11-4312-7902).”

Best restaurant for your favourite dish? “Every now and then I go to Paraje Arévalo (Arévalo 1502, +54-11-4775-7759) to try its entire menu.”

Best ice cream spot? “I like all ice creams, especially the zabaione from the Saverio ice cream parlour (Av. San Juan 2816).”

Dante Liporace, Tarquino, No. 16

Best bar? “My favourite bar is the Nicky Harrison speakeasy (Malabia 1742).” 

Best barbecue or choripán? “For barbecue, I go to La Brigada (Estados Unidos 478, +54-11-4361-5685) and for choripán, Don Julio (Guatemala 4699, +54-11-4832-6058).”

Best pizza? “When I want to eat a good Buenos Aires pizza, I go to El Cuartito (Talcahuano 937, +54-11-4816-1758/4331).”

Best for sandwiches? “The turkey breast sandwich at Tabac (Avenida del Libertador 2300, +54-11-4802-1191). Another option is to make my own with the ingredients I like at Valenti (Posadas 1245).”

Best restaurant for your favourite dish? “My favourite place to eat is La Brigada, where I feel at home. I ask for chitterlings, sweetbreads, top of rib eye or a rump steak paired with one of the best Argentinian wines.” (Estados Unidos 478, +54-11-4361-5685).”

Best ice cream spot? “The mascarpone ice cream and the watermelon  at Persicco (Callao 1299) are delicious.” 


Fernando Rivarola, El Baqueano, No. 18

Best bar? “It’s hard to pick one place, but the best bartenders are at Pony Line (Cerrito 1455, +54-11-4321-1552); Floreria Atlantico (Arroyo 872, + 54-11-4313-6093) and Doppelganger (Av. Juan de Garay  500, +54-11-4300-0201). However, because of its proximity, I usually go to the one in my neighbourhood, LasdelBarco (Bolívar 684).

Best barbecue or choripán? “Every grill has its own specialty. At El Pobre Luis (Arribeños 2393, +54-11-4780-5847) I order tripe and sausages, and at Don Julio (Guatemala 4699, + 54-11-4832-6058) I like to order skirt steak, one of the best in town! At both places you’ll always find the owner, which is a plus. For choripán, I go to El Desnivel (Defensa 855, +54-11-4307-2489)."

Best pizza? “I’ve tried all the traditional porteño-style pizzas, but the most delicious ones are the ones I eat – standing up – at 2am, after a hard day’s work, washed down with an ice cold beer. My absolute must-have is the stuffed fugazzeta from La Continental (Defensa 701, +54-11-4122-1400)."

Best for sandwiches? “Like every true Argentinian, I am a fan of the “milanga” sandwiches a la minuta, which is a freshly prepared Milanese sandwich. I've been searching for the best for a long time, but – so far – the winner is from Pizzeria Francisco (Bolívar 627, +54-11-4307-2511), because they make a complete Milanese sandwich (beef, ham, cheese, fried egg, lettuce and tomato), including the bread.”

Best restaurant for your favourite dish? “I like to feel at home when I eat out, so I go to restaurants where the cook is the owner, something that I can relate to my own philosophy. One of the greatest, despite its low profile, is Resto, by chef Guido Tassi (Montevideo 938 +54-11-4816-6711) or Pol Lykan’s Freud & Fahler (Cabrera 5300, +54-11-4833-2153). If I can order fish and seafood at these places, I’m happy.”

Best ice cream spot? “I’m very conservative when it comes to ice cream. I like it when it tastes as it should. I order bitter chocolate and lemon or American-style strawberries and cream. I really don’t care about the parlour as long as it’s near my house, in San Telmo.”


Soledad Nardelli, Chila, No. 21

Best bar? “When I go to San Telmo, I like Doppelgänger (Av. Juan de Garay 500, +54-11-4300-0201)."

Best barbecue or choripán? “For grilled meat and choripán made with homemade sausages, Le Grill is the place (Av. Alicia M. de Justo 876, +54-11-4331-0454)."

Best pizza? “My favourite pizza comes from La Más Querida (Echeverría 1618, +54-11-4788-1455)."

Best for sandwiches? “When it’s time for a sandwich, I order the Milanesa at Antonia (Juramento, on the corner with Miñones).”

Best restaurant for your favourite dish? "I love the cooking at El Obrero in La Boca district (Agustín R. Caffarena 64, +54-11-4362-9912)."

Best ice cream spot? “I prefer artisanal ice creams, especially dulce de leche. My favourite is from La Ventana de Willy (Juramento 1202, +54-11-4784-9240)."


Gastón Riveira, La Cabrera, No. 22

Best bar? “At the end of my workday, I go to 878bar, the classic one, or its speakeasy, out the back (Thames 878, +54-11-4773-1098).”

Best barbecue or choripán? “For a full barbecue, apart from when I make it at home or in my restaurant, I take my family to Rodizio (Av Rafael Obligado 6551, +54-11-4788-5405) for meat and the view of the Costanera. For choripán, I go to El Puestito del Tío (Avenida Dorrego, al 3000).”

Best pizza? “For a classic pizza, it has to be El Cuartito (Talcahuano 937 + 54-11-4816-1758/4331)."

Best for sandwiches? “I love the smoked salmon sandwich at Mark´s, with homemade bread with seeds (El Salvador 4701, +54-11-4832-6244).”

Best restaurant for your favourite dish? “When I’m in downtown, I go to the classic restaurant, El Dora (Av. Leandro N. Alem 1016, +54-11-4311-2891), where they do my favourite dish: octopus.”

Best ice cream spot? “I have a sweet tooth, and for ice creams I pick the bitter chocolate ice cream from Compañía de Chocolate (Seguí 3551, +54-11-4801-1339)."


Federico Fialayre, Tomo I, No. 23 

Best bar? “The two spots belong to the same owner, Julian Diaz. One is Florería Atlántico (Arroyo 872, +54-11-4313-6093) and the other is 878 bar (Thames 878, +54-11-4773-1098).”

Best barbecue or choripán? “I go to La Brigada (Estados Unidos 465 +54-11-4361-5557) for barbecue. I’m not a fan of choripán – it upsets my stomach. Sorry, too much information…”

Best pizza? “My favourite porteño-style pizza is from El Cuartito (Talcahuano 937, +54-11-4816-1758/4331).”

Best for sandwiches? “For junk food, I like the pork-shoulder (bondiola) sandwich from a nameless kiosk on the corner of Miñones and Sucre. In terms of cool places, I love the sandwiches at Pony Line (Cerrito 1455, +54-11-4321-1552).”

Best restaurant for your favourite dish? “My favourite dish is the pumpkin soup at Aramburu Bis (Humberto Primo 1207, +54-11-4304-5697).”

Best ice cream spot? “When it comes to ice cream, I like contrasting flavours, like mango and orange with a really good dulce de leche. My favourite is Volta (Av del Libertador 3060).”


Emilio Garip, Oviedo, No. 29

Best bar? “I love Julian Diaz’s 878bar (Thames 878, +54-11-4773-1098).”

Best barbecue or choripán? “For barbecue, I go to Happening Costanera (Av. Rafael Obligado 7030, +54-11-4787-0666) and for a choripán, I go to Los Platitos (Rafael Obligado Av. s/n, Stand 57, +54-11-4781-1499.”

Best pizza? “I like the thin Veneto-style pizza from Filo (San Martín 975, +54-11-4311-0312).”

Best sandwiches? “There’s no better sandwich than ham and pepper, but not from just any place. You have to try it under on the terrace at La Biela (Av. Quintana 596, +54-11-4804-0449), a classic coffee-bar shop in the city.”

Best restaurant for your favourite dish? “When I eat out, I like to order the tasting menu at Paraje Arévalo (Arévalo 1502, + 54-11-4775-7759).”

Best ice cream spot? “I go for the zabaione and dulce de leche from Volta (Av del Libertador 3060).”

Fernando Trocca, Sucre, No. 47

Best bar? “For drinks, my pick is Floreria Atlántico (Arroyo 872, +54-11-4313-6093).” 

Best barbecue or choripán? “For grilled meat, I go to Pobre Luis (Arribeños 2393, +54-11-4780-5847). For choripán, Don Julio is the place to go (Guatemala 4699, +54-11-4832-6058).”

Best pizza? “For a porteño-style pizza, my pick is El Cuartito (Talcahuano 937 +54-11-4816-1758/4331).”

Best for sandwiches? “I love the little afternoon tea-style sandwiches from a traditional bakery close to my house: Confitería Vicente López (Maipú 707, +54-11-4791-7332). But if I have to eat in the city, I would ask for a rump steak sandwich from Los Platitos (Rafael Obligado Av. s/n, stand 57, +54-11-4781-1499).”

Best restaurant for your favourite dish? “Definitely the sweetbreads from El Pobre Luis (Arribeños 2393, +54-11-4780-5847).”

Best ice cream spot? “When it’s time for an ice cream, I go straight to Gruta (Sucre 2356, +54-11-4784-8417). All the flavours are very good.”


Juan Gaffuri, Elena, No. 48

Best bar?
“Nicky Harrison (Malabia 1742). The drinks and ambience of this place, reminiscent of the Prohibition era in the US, are one-of-a-kind.”

Best barbecue or choripán? “For a good barbecue, I visit La Brigada (Estados Unidos 478, +54-11-4361-5685). Now, choripán is another thing: I’m from Rosario so I love the one I get at the exit of Rosario Central football stadium in my home town. When in Buenos Aires, if I get nostalgic, I go to Nuestro Secreto (Cerrito 1455, +54-11-4321-1552).”

Best pizza? “For traditional porteño-style pizza, there’s no doubt El Cuartito is the place to go (Talcahuano 937, +54-11-4816-1758).”

Best for sandwiches? “When I’m craving a sandwich, I go for the tenderloin sandwich at La Rambla (Posadas 1602, +54-11-4804-6958).”

Best restaurant for your favourite dish? “There’s one particular dish that really reminds me of my family, which is puchero stew from El Imparcial (Hipólito Yrigoyen 1201, +54-11-4383-2919).”

Best ice cream spot? “I can live on ice cream alone, but if I have to pick one, it would have to be pistachio ice cream from Dolce Morte (Cerrito 1455, +54-11-4321-1552).”


Martín Molteni, PuraTierra, No. 50

Best bar? “My favourite is 878bar (Thames 878, +54-11-4773-1098).”

Best barbecue or choripán? “If I want to relax and eat a barbecue, I travel a few minutes out of the city and go to Puerto de Olivos (La Nelly), because they do great meat. Together with the view, it’s the perfect setting for a relaxing meal. But if I had to choose a place in town, it would be El Pobre Luis (Arribeños 2393, +54-11-4780-5847). For a choripán, the place to go is Los Platitos (Rafael Obligado Av. s/n stand 57 +54-11-4781-1499), sitting at the bar – there’s nothing better.”

Best pizza? “In terms of pizza, it has to be El Cuartito (Talcahuano 937, +54-11-4816-1758). The stuffed fugazzeta is unbeatable.”

Best for sandwiches? “When I want a good hearty sandwich, I go to Costanera in Puerto Maldonado and ask for a complete pork shoulder sandwich.”

Best restaurant for your favourite dish? “My favourite place for dinner is Restó (Montevideo 938, +54-11-4816-6711). I particularly love their main courses as they stick to pure flavours, and their desserts, which are technically well prepared and focused. I recommend it for its excellent cuisine, and it’s a great place to enjoy good company with good food and fine wine.”

Best ice cream spot? “I like the super zambaione ice cream and the dulce de leche with nuts at Volta (Av del Libertador 3060).”

Images: Buenos Aires Tourism Board