Magnus Nilsson cooking at The Loft Project in London

Luciana Bianchi - 11/01/2011

Fäviken is located on a farm in Sweden, housed in an old grain store. Their philosophy stems from a by gone era when life was simple. The team grow and forage and use only seasonal produce sourced locally.
“The menu at Fäviken is changeable, as when one ingredient runs out, it needs to be replaced by another. We never replace dishes 'just because', instead we would rather wait for a new ingredient, idea or dish that is actually better than the one being replaced. Much of what we serve has its own life and remain on the menu for a long time, slowly evolving into something entirely different to the original, despite having the same name throughout its life.” Magnus Nilsson.

Magnus Nilsson will be cooking at The Loft Project, from Nuno Mendes

on 21st – 22nd January 2010.


Magnus Nilsson was recently invited to join some of the world's top chefs in Lapland for Cook it Raw:

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Photos: Press Images Fäviken and The Loft Project

Press release - The Loft Project

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