Massimo Bottura - 3 stars and a historic moment in Italian Cuisine

Luciana Bianchi - 16/11/2011

Idealism is the subtitle of most dishes of Massimo Bottura. Common sense, shallowness and reasonable actions, are translated in his dictionary as emotion, deep understanding and obsessive passion for his job. Here is a chef who doesn’t measure sacrifices, who embraces his impossible dreams, who believes in his people, who cares about his land, and who makes even contamination become a plausible philosophical concept.

If excellence can be achieved through uniqueness and the rupture of conventional rules, he is living proof that the dream can come true!

This morning, his great restaurant, Osteria Francescana, in Modena, has received the highest honour of the Michelin Guide – three stars. This award comes with an implicit message of hope for professionals in Italy and around the world who don’t follow trends, but keep fighting to achieve supposedly impossible goals, and dare to follow their own intuition.

Today, the avant-garde master of Italian Cuisine, Massimo Bottura, and his team of committed and passionate young staff at Francescana truly believe that the sign in the bar of their restaurant makes more sense than ever…Impossible is nothing!

Luciana Bianchi is chef de cuisine and food writer, works as International Editor correspondent for the Brazilian gourmet magazine,Prazeres da Mesa, and contributes to several publications around the world.