Postrivoro - a new stage for talented chefs in Italy

Luciana Bianchi - 01/03/2012

The inspiration came from Nuno Mendes' 'The Loft Project', but has its own philosophy and has a deep connection with the slow food movement and local producers from Emilia Romagna. This is not another supper club, but a new concept staging talented chefs and the future stars of the international cuisine who work together with local producers.

The idea of founder Enrico Vignoli was to create a space dedicated to young chefs, who are either working together with renowned chefs, or who are about to open their own restaurants or have just opened one. The initial plan is to open Saturdays and Sundays only – one dinner and one lunch, with one table for 20 guests. Each dinner and each lunch will have drinks paired by a competent mentor who is an integral part of the Postrivoro on that particular weekend. Postrivoro is located in Faenza, in the province of Ravenna, Emilia Romagna.

According to Vignoli: “Postrivoro is a way to interpret whatever the local territory of Faenza has to offer through the eyes of a chef rising to the stars. Produce and chefs are equal protagonists!”

The first chef at Postrivoro is Takahiko Kondo, from Osteria Francescana on 3rd and 4th March.

To book your place, contact +39 348 3016988

The website will be available in English soon!

Luciana Bianchi is chef de cuisine and food writer, works as International Editor correspondent for the Brazilian gourmet magazine,Prazeres da Mesa, and contributes to several publications around the world.
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