Blood (y) macaron by Mugaritz

Maria Canabal - 29/10/2012

This year the culinary Congress San Sebastian Gastronika tribute the French cuisine. Juan-Mari Arzak, Joan Roca or Andoni Luis Aduriz had touching words about the "mother of all cusines". In the other side, Andoni Luiz Aduriz (ranked #3 in the World's 50 Best Restaurant 2012) tribute the French cuisine with its most cute dessert: a macaron. But a very special macaron - a blood pig macaron - where the fresh blood replaces the egg white. A recipe touched by blood, a very special ingredient dealt with in a very special way, which involves a very ancient manner of eating and doing.

This dish or preparation that has survived its time required a slightly peculiar presentation.  Andoni Luis Aduriz has take as his base the ancestral nature of the ingredients, seeking an encounter with the most natural environment possible, thereby presenting a dream, but not knowing who has that dream: if it is the ancestral female hunter/chef who dreams about the Mugaritz or if it is the chef at the Mugaritz who dreams about the female hunter. This video was done with the theater group "La Fura dels Baus". 


Posted by Maria Canabal, a food, travel and lifestyle journalist who lives in Paris, Madrid and Copenhagen. Columnist at Monocle and contributor to Apicius, Gourmet and Gastronomad, she lived and worked in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. Since 2010, Maria Canabal is member of the jury for the tittle of BEST SOMMELIER of SPAIN and earned the Literature Award “St. John” in 2011.

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