El Celler de Can Roca's Jordi Roca to open Rocambolesc, an ice cream shop in Girona

Alexandra Forbes - 16/03/2012

I heard the news through fellow food journalist Maria Canabal, who wrote that Jordi, the youngest of the three Roca brothers behind the El Celler de Can Roca, in Spain (number 2 on The World's 50 Best Restaurants list), will soon open an ice cream shop in Girona, the same catalan where the mothership is located. Jordi Roca just returned from Paris, where he did a presentation at the Omnivore food forum (a bit of a Can Roca 101, which included one perfume-inspired dessert and one of his famous monochromatic desserts, plus one very new creation, the decidedly outrageous Anarquia).

According to Canabal's report, Jordi said: "We'd like to open shops all over Spain and... who knows, why not abroad?" The chosen name - Rocambolesc -  is absolute genius, I think. In Spanish, the word means something like outrageous, but in a very positive sense - besides being a pun with the Roca family name. Even if the ice creams Jordi will serve aren't nearly as rocambolescos as his hit desserts, it's pretty obvious the shop will be a huge hit. Not everyone can afford the "haute couture" the Rocas serve at the Celler (or even score a reservation, for that matter), so I'm guessing that the chance to have a 2 or 5 Euro taste of the brand will be irresistible to the summer tourist crowds.