Final experience of El Bulli…

Fine Dining Explorer - 11/02/2011

Nothing could be better than to start the year with getting a reservation for El Bulli! Eight of us, coming from all over the world, gathered in Spain to experience the most adventurous journey of our lives! Once we arrived, they led us into the most sacred spot of the culinary world --- The kitchen of El Bulli! They started our imaginative meal with a series of “mojito” amuse bouche. These are some highlights of our 45-course adventure:
Sweet mojito parcels that exploded in our mouth with a wonderful essence of ginger and lime.
A peanut and honey cookie, more like a crumbly sweet peanut shortbread. It wasn't easy to pick up without breaking it apart. That's how delicate it was!
A beautiful landscape of seaweed on a black sand beach! Dried-fishy flavour followed by a burst of fresh lemon!

This liquid hazelnut was one of the highlights of the meal.
Sugar cane for us to chew before a series of main courses. But instead of sugar cane's sweetness, it was pickled ginger flavour that came out!
The smallest dish of the meal, soya matches.
Olive oil chip. Two thin sugar disks with olive oil in between. Intense olive fragrance but unusual composition!
Ceviche of Lulo, a very unusual fruit. They described it as a cross between tomato and passion fruit.
Serving on an El Bulli spoon, blackberry risotto with hare sauce!

The meal lasted for more than 5 hours! We were all impressed - impressed by his creativity, impressed by his concept, impressed by his courage! We were the first table in but the last table out! The World's best restaurant, a 15-year Michelin 3-starred, a place with more than 3 million reservation requests for the last season... All these will be a history soon! What we have witnessed was not just a meal, it was not just a tasting experience, it is the beginning of a legend! Click HERE for our full 45-course experience! Published by Kevin Chan. Kevin is a food traveller who has lived and travelled extensively throughout Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Drawing upon his experience, Kevin offers a worldwide perspective on fine food. www.finediningexplorer.comSugar cubes with tea and lime -- the “sugar cube” was the lime and the drops were the sugar! Brilliant twist!
Thin layer of mint ice sprinkled with brown sugar and green tea powder on top – A deconstruction of mint flavoured iced green tea! The most sensational course!
One of the many unusual looking petits fours.