50 Best Recipe of the Month: Arzak's chocolate and olive oil ice cream

Laura Price - 08/01/2016

Ever fancied recreating some of the dishes from your favourites in The World's 50 Best Restaurants? In our new series, we're bringing you some of the slightly more achievable recipes from the chefs of The World's, Latin America's and Asia's 50 Best, giving you a chance to try some of their amazing tricks at home.

The first in the series is from Arzak Secrets (Grub Street), the new English-language cookbook by legendary Spanish chef Juan Mari Arzak of Arzak, No.17 in The World's 50 Best Restaurants.


The restaurant: One of the longest-standing restaurants on the list, Arzak in San Sebastian has featured in 13 out of 14 editions of The World's 50 Best Restaurants, making its debut in 2003 at No.40 and later spending nine years in the top 10.

The chef: Juan Mari Arzak was one of the first Spanish chefs to be awarded three Michelin stars and his daughter, Elena, who cooks with him, was voted World's Best Female Chef in 2012.

The cookbook: The recipes in this book might be beautifully presented in signature Arzak style, but the techniques aren't too complicated and the ingredients not difficult to find. Everyone from amateurs to professionals can find an accessible recipe here.

Chocolate and Olive Oil Ice Cream

Serves 4


800g milk

200g cream

120g sugar

100g chocolate with 52% cocoa

1g xanthan

200g pitted black olives


Image: Mikal Alonso



Boil the milk with the cream and sugar. Chop the chocolate and pour the boiling milk over it. Stir well until the chocolate melts completely into the milk. Crush the olives with their juice and the xanthan. Add the olives to the chocolate and blend to an homogeneous mixture.

Place in an ice-cream maker and serve at a suitable temperature (between -3 and 05 degrees C).

Now savour it as you please... in a cone or on its own!

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