50 Best Recipe of the Month: Gaggan Anand’s Meatlicious Burger Steak with Wagyu Beef

Laura Price - 23/05/2016

When Gaggan Anand decided to open a casual burger restaurant in Bangkok, there was one person who wouldn’t approve: his mother. In strict adherence to the Hindu religion, she didn't want her son to eat (or serve) beef.

There was one simple solution: Gaggan would open the restaurant in his wife’s name. Et voilà – Meatlicious was born in December 2015, serving casual comfort food such as grilled lamb chops, Argentine steak and Peruvian ceviche alongside hearty, spicy pasta dishes.

Here he shares his signature dish, the Meatlicious Burger SteakWatch the video:

The chef: Gaggan Anand is the imitable chef behind Gaggan, No.1 in Asia's 50 Best Restaurants in 2015 and 2016 and No.10 in The World's 50 Best Restaurants 2015. Born in Kolkata, India, he adopted Bangkok as his home and opened Gaggan there in 2010. He plans to close the restaurant in 2020 after a decade and move to Fukuoka, Japan, to open a 10-seater there.

The restaurant: Meatlicious is Gaggan's super-casual, super-relaxed answer to his more refined eponymous restaurant, focusing primarily on meat. Menu highlights include the 'best in the world' Japanese Black Wagyu A5++ BMS12 Miyazaki beef served with five different sauces direct from Japan, but there are plenty of options for non-red meat eaters too, including super-healthy quinoa salad, several types of ceviche and a signature spicy spaghetti.

The recipe: It's a breadless steak burger topped with mushrooms and tomatoes. Instead of a pork-beef burger combination, Gaggan uses non-fatty Angus beef with Miyazaki Wagyu fat to create an amazing, soft burger. He says the recipe can be substituted for pretty much any meat, or even vegetables.

Meatlicious Burger Steak

"It's meaty, it's 'licious and rich and you can make it at home!" - Gaggan Anand


Makes 8 burgers

600g of meat (75g per burger – you can use beef or lamb, or make a vegetarian version with chickpeas)
200g of fat or lard (25g per burger – ideally Miyazaki wagyu beef fat but any will do)
50g sautéed mushrooms
Chopped onions
Salt and pepper for seasoning
Thai sugar (or brown sugar)
Chopped chillies
Cheese such as Parmeggiano or Emmenthal
Chopped fresh tomatoes with olive oil, garlic and parsley 


1. Roughly chop the meat
2. Add it to the fat and mix it in with your hands
3. Mince the meat through a meat mincer 
4. Season well with Thai sugar or brown sugar
5. Rub the sugar into the meat with your hands
6. Add sea salt, pepper, chillies and parsley
7. Pound it all together well
8. Taste and season some more
9. Separate the meat into 100g patties – roughly the size of your palm
10. Oil your surface – any cooking pan or grill will do
11. Add chopped onions and sautéed mushrooms
12. Season with salt and pepper
13. Cook the burger for 3-4 minutes on each side for medium rare, depending on the heat, or longer if you like it more well done
14. When it’s cooked, top the burgers with cheese
15. Put it in the oven just long enough for the cheese to melt
16. Top with the wine sauce, fresh tomatoes mixed with garlic and olive oil and finish with parsley

Et voilà!



For the wine sauce

1 kg chicken wings
200g mirepoix of carrots, leeks, celery and onions
Bay leaves
300ml red wine
1 tsp grain mustard
Salt and pepper for seasoning



1. Roast the chicken wings until golden
2. Prepare mirepoix by dicing carrots, leeks, celery and onions and sautéing in butter
3. Cook together with 3 litres of water, some bay leaves, pepper and thyme and leave overnight over a slow heat to make 1 litre of stock
4. Strain the stock and add 300ml of red wine with a teaspoon of grain mustard
5. Reduce the mixture to half over a low heat
6. Finish with salt and pepper to taste

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