50 Best Recipe of the Month: Maní's cashew ceviche

Laura Price - 09/08/2016

Header: Daniel Redondo and Helena Rizzo and the cashew ceviche, shot by Sergio Coimbra

In the latest edition of 50 Best Recipe of the Month, we bring you a light and zingy cashew ceviche from Maní, the brand new cookbook from the São Paulo restaurant that's No.8 in Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants.


Mani's exterior with mandioquinha (top) and bone marrow (bottom, image by Sergio Coimbra) 

The chefs: Helena Rizzo and Daniel Redondo met while working at El Celler de Can Roca, No.2 in The World's 50 Best Restaurants. According to the legendary Joan Roca, who trained them both, Redondo is "rigour, seriousness, restlessness, technique and harmony," while Rizzo is "talent, sensitivity, authenticity, roots and passion." The result of the two combined, says Roca, is a "superlative cuisine".

The restaurant: Located in a quaint little former house with large wooden doors in São Paulo’s leafy Jardim Paulistano suburb, Maní is popular with well-heeled locals as well as gastronomic travellers. The tree-lined outdoor courtyard is a relaxed place to sit and delight over foie gras ‘bonbons’ with Brazilian guava jam or homemade manioc flour crumble with tucupí sauce.

The recipe: Cashew ceviche comes from Rizzo and Redondo's new cookbook, Maní. With forewords from such highly regarded global chefs as Joan Roca, Alex Atala and Luiz Américo Camargo alongside colourful art and stunning pictures, it's a treat of a journey through the restaurant's history.

Cashew fruit ceviche

"I love the simplicity of this dish. I really like the way the meaty texture of the cashew fruit creates an interesting feel, almost like fish, and yet it’s vegetarian. The acidity of the lemon and the other aromatic elements in the ceviche seasoning go really well with this thoroughly Brazilian fruit."  – Helena Rizzo


Serves 8


•  1.5kg cashews fruit, ripe 
•  2.5 gelatin leaves, uncoloured 
•  50ml cachaça 

•  1kg cashew nuts 
•  1l mineral water 

•  8 cashew fruits, ripe 
•  2 red chillies, deseeded 
•  1 small red onion, thinly sliced in julienne 
•  2 lemons, juiced 
•  50ml cashew milk 
•  10g coriander, chopped
•  Salt 

•  Coriander sprouts


Wash the cashew fruits well and remove the nuts. Cut the cashews into pieces and put them into a centrifuge to extract the juices. Place the cashew juice into the refrigerator in a closed container and allow it to decant for 12 hours. Once decanted, remove the foam and the solid part of the cashew, which will have floated to the surface. Strain the liquid using a fine chinois. Place 15ml of the juice in a pan and bring it to a simmer over a low heat. Hydrate two gelatin leaves in water and ice, then dissolve them in the juice. Pour in the remainder of the juice, add the cachaça and place it in the freezer. 
Blend the nuts with the water then centrifuge the purée to obtain a milk. Strain the milk through a fine chinois and set aside. 

Peel the cashew fruits and cut them into cubes. Combine the salt, pepper, onion, lemon juice and the cashew milk together in a bowl and add the chopped coriander. Set aside and allow to infuse until required. 


Place the ceviche in a bowl with one spoon of cajuína shavings. Top with the coriander sprouts and serve. 

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