Extreme dining at Frantzén Lindeberg

Zvonko - 19/11/2011

We were 14 foodies who gathered together this evening at Frantzén- Lindeberg for a so-called "Extreme" dinner. It turned out not to be too extreme, unless you count extremely tasty as the extreme! I thought in all honesty it would be more crazy and weird produce than it really was? But as both Björn and Daniel said: We must still consider it to be good and tasty! And of course, they were so right. Unfortunately there are too many so-called "Über Fine Dining" restaurants who dont think that way, which they definitely should! For the first time in my life a had dried rein deer penis and yak. It was not crazy and to extreme, just delicious!

The menu looked like follow. Homemade crisp bread made of bark flour served with home churned butter made from Yak milk. Crispy pigs ears from a Linderöds pig. Served with accitulated cream flavoured with roasted, dried heads from prawns, saffron and ginger . Live sea urchins from Norway & Swedish Ostrea edelius oysters. Coal flamed Swedish Yak with it’s own tallow & ash. Served with smoked eel fom Mälaren & bleak roe from Per Vidlund, crispy onions with dried rein deer penis.

The taste of blood with potatoes, apple pickled cabbage , heart from an elk & preserved lingonberries. Raw scallops from Ingemar Johansson with the last wood sorrel & sea weed emulsion. Monkfish from Hitra wrapped in sea weed then cooked in hot stones. Served with butter cooked sweet onions, pickled rofus milk- cap, toasted bread, the sediment from this years spring rape & white Alba truffles. The first lamb from our own breeding in Askersund. Algeas, butter fried black cabbage & winter truffle. Veal kidney grilled in it’s own fat. Pickled mustard seeds, puré made of onion grilled over charcoal over the night. A touch beurre noisette. Roasted red feeted partridge with pears, mead, brown sugar, potato onion & hazelnut. Bleu de Termignon.

Ice cream of fresh yeast with duck egg yolk, whipped beer & rasin water. Porridge of parsnip with goat milk & apple seed oil. Yellow girolles with dries apricots and rape seed oil powder. Fermented garlic & burnt sugar. So if you are in town, look out for the next happening at F/L, usually on mondays 1-2 times/month.