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Tallinn, Estonia

Destination dining overlooking Tallinn Bay

The low-down: Constructed from wood and glass with stunning sea views, this sleek restaurant wouldn't look out of place in an episode of Grand Designs. Add inventive cuisine, an eclectic wine list and a fine dining 'chef's hall' and it's easy to see why Noa has been a hit since opening in 2014.

What's on the menu: Bold international flavours from green tacos with shiso and onion marmalade to fried perch with ramson potato purée. The 'chef's hall' (a kind of restaurant within a restaurant) serves a five- or seven-course tasting menu including oyster with a creamy garlic sauce, topped with pomelo, or pigeon with roasted onions and a rich jus.

A few words on the space: The low-level building, which looks out across the Bay of Tallinn to the old town, has won awards for its innovative design. Every table has a sea view thanks to the use of different levels and mirrors.

Tell me something I don't know: The restaurant was originally designed around an ancient ash tree, but it had to be removed during construction to the heartbreak of the owners. They have since planted a new tree to grow into the space.

Images: Terje Ugandi (dish and exterior); Johannes Hoimoja (oyster dish); Siiri Kumari (chef portrait)

On the pass

  • Executive chef Tõnis Siigur and head chef Orm Oja

Style of food

  • Global eclectic

Standout dish

  • Oyster with pomelo and oyster milk